Dream Downtown Pool to Artist Shantell Martin at ICFF On This Week's Style Diary

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)

This week's top 5 favorites include one of the most beautiful installations currently in Madison Square Park and inspiring design collaborations seen at this year's ICFF and Collective Design Art Fair — check out the full Style Diary below!

1. Olek + Todd Merrill Studio at Collective Design 

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)


The Collective Design Art Fair involved a whirlwind of creative energy stemming from an impressive range of exclusive works from artists and designers. The annual fair in New York City curates a diverse spectrum of the latest in design and innovation, establishing itself as a vital voice in our physical culture today.

Several collections and specific series caught my eye, however I was innately curious and captivated by the artist Olek and Todd Merrill Studio's furniture collaboration. Each chair, or swivel throne, has been crocheted and embellished with quotes in an array of colors.

I fell madly in love with the striking design detail and structure of each throne, the crocheting abilities of Olek are unlike any handcrafted material I've ever seen. Talk about furniture making a statement, literally!


2. Fata Morgana Installation x Teresita Fernandez 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)


I went for a lovely stroll in Madison Square Park, which I always love to do because I enjoy seeing the latest outdoor art installations. Artist Teresita Fernandez stunned me with her "Fata Morgana" installation consisting of 500 running feet of golden, mirror-polished structures that dangle above the park's pathways.  

Each hanging sculpture is reminiscent of foliage and has these unique reflecting capabilities that play on the natural sunlight. The park is filled with white hydrangeas; the trees and grass look greener than ever before, it was an enchanting experience and is now one of my favorite park projects to date. 

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)


3. Pool Bar at Dream Hotel 


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)


The Dream Downtown has always been a highly desirable hotel and party scene for the go-hards of New York City and for interested visitors. From the rooftop club with unparalleled Manhattan views to the TAO restaurant, it seems as though no matter what day of the week, people flock to the west side location.

Last Sunday I visited the pool with a group of girls to celebrate my friends Bachelorette, we sipped off pitchers of strawberry fields and relaxed in the pool in donut floats!

(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)



You typically have to be staying at the hotel to enjoy the pool, but the bar and restaurant rests near and the ambiance is a positive one. The hotel is uniquely designed, a metal facade surrounds the outdoor social area, a wall mural hovers the eating seating and patterned umbrellas are stationed throughout. The mix of patterns, materials and colors feel very eclectic, a hotspot in Meatpacking! 


4. Shantell Martin for B+N Industries at ICFF 2015


(Photo : Design & Trend - Meg Busacca)


I was first introduced to the illustrative work of Shantell Martin when she collaborated with one of my favorite interior designers, Kelly Wearstler. I've become one of her followers on Instagram and consistently see her movement, "Are You You" signs placed around the city landscape, but this week I was finally introduced to her.

I attended the interior design industry's largest trade show of the year, ICFF, where Shantell Martin partnered with B+N Industries to create an installation of the brand's system of planar surfaces and repetitive light with Martin's trademark black ink. Martin covered the interchangeable surfaces each day and marked the furniture as well, it was a powerful install and one of the most visually captivating at ICFF this year.

And to top it all off, Martin was just as sweet and cool as I thought she would be. 


5. Classic Ramen from mokbar in Chelsea Market 


(Photo : Courtesy of Instagram/mokbar)


Summer may be around the corner and the thought of hot food may deem unattractive in the growing humid season, but I still have my occasional cravings for ramen.

My love for the dish has grown exponentially since moving to New York and there isn't much I love more when I don't feel well than a delicious bowl of ramen and my bed. My latest ramen devouring came from mokbar located in Chelsea Market — it was deliciously flavorful and a well-sized serving — I highly recommend it next time you're on the west side and happen to be in the mood for Korean. 


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