'Bloodborne' Tips: Multiplayer Level Calculator Makes Most Of PS4 Game's PvP And Co-Op Modes

(Photo : From Software/SCE Japan) "Bloodborne" is known for its incredibly high level of difficulty, but a new calculator helps fans make better sense of the game's multiplayer modes. Gamers can type in the level of their character and find out the minimum and maximum levels of hunters they'll be matched with in co-op and PvP scenarios. "Bloodborne" is available now exclusively for PS4.

"Bloodborne" fans have created a calculator to help players navigate the game's co-op and PvP multiplayer modes. In specific, it reveals matchmaking level limits based on tested formulas.

The details come to Design & Trend via Mopquill and illusorywall of the "Bloodborne" Reddit community. The tool was created yesterday and has since been used by nearly 1,000 gamers at this time.

While it's not known precisely how "Bloodborne's" multiplayer matchmaking works. Many fans believe the algorithm is based off From Software's previous work on the "Dark Souls" games. According to the tool's developer, co-op multiplayer allows for a lowest range of 20 percent of a player's level number plus 20. This basic calculation allows gamers to level their characters for whom they would like to play with. For example, it's possible to use this stat to make a character that's as strong as possible but still matched to help new players that are having a hard time.

Another potential use is for those that want to play co-op "Bloodborne" with their friends. A properly leveled character will ensure that friends get matched with each other more frequently.

PvP operates on a slightly different formula. The 20 percent plus 20 concept still works, but a 10 percent plus 10 calculation is also used to determine the lowest level range for an invader to attack its host. Knowing this fact improves trolling of new players or friends if one feels so inclined.

The math itself may sound confusing, but the "Bloodborne" multiplayer calculator makes it easy to use. All an interested party has to do is type their character's level into the text box. As soon as that data is entered, the calculator spits out the lowest and highest levels of players that it's possible for their hunter to summon or invade.

"Bloodborne" launched at the end of March and has since been received as one of the highest rated PS4 exclusives. That being said, the title is known for its immensely high difficulty level. Other players can be summoned to aid others in need but can also provide additional PvP challenges as well.

"Bloodborne" is available now exclusively for PS4.

Does this calculator give you a better grip on "Bloodborne's" multiplayer? Are there any gameplay tips that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments section!

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