3D Printed Chevy Camaro Design by Ioan Florea at New York City's Inside 3D Printing Conference

Ioan Florea 3D Camaro Design
(Photo : Courtesy of Artist Ioan Florea / 3D Printed Chevy Camaro Design )
Ioan Florea
(Photo : Courtesy of Ioan Florea - 3D Printed Chevy Camaro Design)
Camaro Details
(Photo : Courtesy of Ioan Florea - 3D Printed Chevy Camaro Design Details)

Since 2013, the Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo in New York City has quickly become one of the world's largest professional 3D printing events as a part of 3D Print Week.

This year's two-day event hosted a wide range of international speakers and included a large exhibit hall that featured the most current 3D printing materials, services and designs available today. Highlighted products came from a wide range of industries — art, automotive, medicine, technology, software and 3D Print Week ended with an exciting fashion show of the latest designs in 3D printed apparel, footwear and accessories.

The installation that facilitated a strong interaction amongst attendees was the 3D printed Chevy Camaro design. The Romanian-born artist, Ioan Florea, transformed a ready-made vehicle into a nonfunctional object of art that stimulated viewers both visually and tacitly.

Ioan Florea arranged 3D printed shapes along the exterior of the car to evoke a feeling of organized movement. This visual effect of rhythm was created by contrasting organic and geometric shapes, as well as symmetrical and asymmetrical forms.

With the assistance of two 3D printers, the colorful parts were made of raw plastic pellets with pigment that was extruded in filament. The ABS and PLA plastic used were completely made of corn starch and biodegradable.

Although the pieces resembled characteristics of ocean life, Florea passionately believes 3D printing is the next revolution and hopes to bring this innovative medium to the forefront of today's society.

Florea enjoys exploring new territories while fusing art and technology to illustrate his perceived reality. With the fairly new realm of 3D printing, he sees this facet of an industry having a similar association to that of the ocean and the underwater life forms that inhabit it. The connection is revealing that both of these "worlds" essentially remain untapped and as humans we are continuing to learn of their endless possibilities.

(Photo : Courtesy of Ioan Florea - 3D Printed Chevy Camaro Design Details)


The public associated the 3D printing objects as being representations of the various shapes and colors that rest in the ocean. Florea said of the design, "Although the 3D printed Camaro did not come from the bottom of the ocean, it represents two unexplored worlds awaiting to be brought into reality."


(Photo : Courtesy of Ioan Florea - 3D Printed Chevy Camaro Design Details)



You may be asking yourself why an automobile was decorated in ocean-inspired structures to exemplify this relationship, but Florea's Camaro also debuted at this year's NY Auto Show.

This was not Florea's first presentation at the Inside 3D Printing Conference. He plans to continue expressing his visions through combining architecture and automobiles with this new medium of 3D printing.

Florea believes this is just the beginning of 3D printing and is simply paving the way for others to adapt and adopt the infinite possibilities it ensures for the future. 


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