‘Allegiant’ SPOILERS: ‘Divergent’ Movie Sequel To Start Filming In May, Release Date In 2016

(Photo : Official Book Cover) "Allegiant" part 1 will start filming in May.

"Allegiant" producer Todd Lieberman has confirmed that the first part of the film's third installment will start filming on May 18.

According to Lieberman, "Allegiant" part 1 will be released in 2016 and the second part of the film will be released a year later.

"We're starting to shoot 'Beauty and the Beast' for Disney and 'Allegiant' on the same day, May 18," he said.

Talking about "Allegiant," Lieberman hinted that the upcoming film will have a mind-blowing set staged in "a whole different world," according to Collider

"I don't want to promise too much, but I can say that the things we've talked about have been very cool. There's going to be some really mind-blowing visuals. Those who have read the book know where it goes. It does into a whole new different world and we're really excited to explore that," he explained.

In the book written by Veronica Roth, Tris Prior, played by actress Shailene Woodley, did not make it to the end of the story.

When Lieberman was asked how he will handle this angle of the story, Lieberman explained that despite splitting the movie into two, he plans on making the movie as close to the book as possible, Movie Web reported.

"We're taking 'Allegiant' and splitting it into two, so the first part of it won't go that far. But yeah, the book had that ending and there was certainly controversy over it. Personally, I feel that it's an important arc for that character. But we haven't actually discussed too much of that yet... they're beloved characters.

Lieberman also revealed that he is always in favor of making bold choices even if these choices could possibly result in huge controversies.

According to reports, "Allegiant" part 1 will be released in the U.S. on Mar. 18, 2016 and "Allegiant" part 2 will hit big screen on Mar. 2, 2017.

Meanwhile, the second installment in the film franchise, "Insurgent," is set to hit theaters Mar. 20, Screen Rant noted.

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