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Lamborghini V12 Motorcycle With Individual Throttle Bodies: See The Madness [VIDEO]

(Photo : Chuck Beck Facebook) A custom Lamborghini V12 motorcycle built by Chuck Beck appeared at an event entitled Caffeine and Octane in Alphretta, Ga., in December 2014.

You had to know it would happen sooner or later, but there's a guy by the name of Chuck Beck that has built a custom Lamborghini V12 motorcycle with individual throttle bodies and two side-mounted radiators. Yup. It's called one-upping it, because you know putting a car engine into a bike has been done before, just not on this level. 

There's another guy who put together a Lincoln Zephyr Flathead V12 along with various other builders who have built similar projects going back decades, but this Lamborghini is in a league of its own.

It's a real monster, and with no fans you'd probably have to keep moving or risk overheating. Idling for any period of time would be dicey, and the heat off the motor — even as you were riding — would be tremendous. Practicality aside, who cares? There's a video of it posted on YouTube. 

The footage was taken at an event called Caffeine and Octane in Alphretta, Ga., back in December 2014. You unfortunately don't get to see the bike start up, but you definitely hear it and then you see it running with a great 360 view of it. Apparently, the videographer was drawn to the sound, and it's fairly obvious why. It's loud, and it sounds good! 

During the clip, you hear the owner (Chuck Beck) saying that at real low speeds it's heavy. Once you see it, you're going to laugh and understand why. When you watch it, make sure and choose an HD of at least 720p or preferably 1080p in settings. It makes a lot of difference in clarity.


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